Online Exclusive Thor Bundle, , hi-res

Online Exclusive Thor Bundle

Online Exclusive Thor Bundle

Sale Price£28.00

The mighty Thor controls thunder and lightning with his enchanted hammer. Thor Bear has a built-in costume with his hammer Mjolnir on his left paw. This exclusive bundle also features his 5-in-1 sayings. Save the day with this heroic furry friend! © 2017 Marvel

Price includes:

  • Thor Bear
  • Thor 5-in-1 Sayings

This item cannot be purchased unstuffed.

  • SKU: 425329_422150

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Thor Bear, , hi-res

Thor Bear

SKU: 425329
  • SKU: 425329
  • Eye Color: BLUE
  • Friend Height: 41 cm

In Stock

Sale Price£23.50
Thor 5-in-1 Sound, , hi-res

Thor 5-in-1 Sound

SKU: 422150
  • SKU: 422150

Hear your hero! "Time to Fly," "Thunder & Lightning," "The Mighty Thor!" Make it known your hero has arrived! ™ & 2015 Marvel & Subs

In Stock

Sale Price£4.50
Sale Price£28.00

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