Who We Are

Who We Are

Once Upon a Time
 ​ Once in a generation, a spark ignites that illuminates the path to a new way of thinking about shopping. And if you're lucky, you have an idea that is so impactful it transforms the way we think about shopping and touches the hearts of millions of people around the world. Well, Maxine Clark had an idea like that.​ ​

An Experience Unlike Any Other ​
Our journey began with a simple yet magical concept: to create a destination where kids could bring their furry friends to life. In 1997, the first Build-A-Bear Workshop opened its doors in the St. Louis Galleria Mall for a one-of-a-kind experience. Since then, Maxine's fairy tale idea has flourished into a global phenomenon, with nearly 500 locations worldwide, an innovative online experience, and even our own Build-A-Bear Radio and Entertainment division, collaborating with some of Hollywood's most creative studios and stars.​ ​

The Stuff(ing) of Legends​
From furry friends to the silver screen, Build-A-Bear didn't become a global entertainment company overnight. Far beyond a fad, Build-A-Bear has been a magical part of not just one, but two generations. While our products will never be beyond the physical reach of children around the world, our global reach has far exceeded the retail experience we launched in 1997. Our Workshop created the "experiential retail" category.

 ​ ​

Our mission remains the same: to add a little more Heart Illustration to life. And there's no limit to who can experience the joy of Build-A-Bear, The Stuff You Love.​