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Can I schedule a party?

Yes, you are able to schedule your party with us! You can click here to book online, call a party planner at Free Phone 0800 542 0635 or visit a store.

Can I make a return? Or bring in a bear for repair?

Yes, we will accommodate returns within 90 days from original purchase.

Our associates can make minor repairs in stores; however, we are not able to accept bears requiring extensive repairs.

Can I order online and pick up at my local Workshop?

We’re excited to offer our Guests a new way to experience the fun of Build-A-Bear: Click & Collect is now available! Simply select “Click & Collect” at checkout when shopping online. You’ll receive a notification when your items are ready to be picked up at your Workshop!

How can I contact Guest Services?

For questions related to a recently placed order or an address change, please contact by calling us at Free Phone 0800 542 0635. Please note that many answers to our most commonly asked questions can be found here in the FAQ section, or you can ask an agent through the Contact Us form. During this time, we are doing our best to answer questions as fast as possible. Please understand there may be a delay in our response time.

Do you offer Click & Collect?

Yes! Click & Collect is available in select stores. Click HERE for more information

Merry Mission Movie

How do I watch the movie?

Visit our Glisten and The Merry Mission Movie page, where the movie is available to buy or rent. Add the movie to your bag, then proceed to checkout! Please note, you must be signed in with a Build-A-Bear Bonus Club account to access the movie.

Once your order has been placed, you can access your purchase or rental from the "My Orders" page of your account.

Can I purchase the movie as a gift?

The best way is to purchase the movie as a gift is to send a Build-A-Bear e-gift card, so that your recipient can create an account and purchase the movie within their own account - it's free and easy to join!

How do I stream the movie?

If your device or TV supports streaming, you will see the Airplay or Chromecast streaming icon in your browser.

How long does my rental last?

Once ordered, you have 30 days to begin watching the movie. Once started, you'll have 48 hours to watch. You can find the days remaining in your rental by logging into your Account and viewing your Order Details.

Can I watch the movie more than once within my rental period?

Yes! You can watch the movie as many times as you like within your 48-hour watch period.

Can I purchase the movie if I have already rented it?

Yes! You can either purchase from our Glisten and the Merry Mission Movie page or from within your Order Details.

Can I request a refund on my rental?

Yes! You may request a refund within 24 hours of your purchase.

How do I get help with the movie?

For assistance with your purchase, you may reach our Guest Experience team by free phone at 0800 542 0635, via chat, or on our Contact Us page.

The Bear Cave

What is The Bear Cave?

The Bear Cave is a new online destination where you can find unexpected product collaborations and specially curated plush gifts targeted at shoppers and gift recipients 18 and older.

Is The Bear Cave a different company?

The Bear Cave is an online shopping destination that is part of Build-A-Bear.

Can I buy items from thebearcave.com and buildabear.com at the same time?

Yes, you can shop both thebearcave.com and buildabear.com and check out in the same transaction. Your selected items can be found in your online shopping bag.

Do you offer different product on thebearcave.com than you do on buildabear.com?

The current selection on thebearcave.com is smaller than what you will find on buildabear.com. In the future we will be adding more unique and exclusive collections to thebearcave.com much like we add items to buildabear.com throughout the year.

How do I access The Bear Cave?

Visit The Bear Cave online at www.TheBearCave.com

Click & Collect

How does Click & Collect work?

We’ve made it easy to pick up your online orders in store at the Workshop! Learn more about Click & Collect here.

Why are some products not available at my local Workshop?

Product availability varies by location. Not all items shown online are available in stores. This includes (but isn’t limited to) online exclusive furry friends and embroidered items. The best way to check if an item might be available for same-day delivery is by selecting a Workshop on our site. As you shop, you can see availability within product shopping pages. You can also contact your local Workshop if you have any specific product availability questions. Certain out-of-stock items may return at a later date, so be sure to check back online for product availability.

Who can pick up my order?

Anyone that has the Ready for Pickup email with your order number can pick it up at the Workshop. Just forward or share a screenshot of your Ready for Pickup email if someone else will be picking up your order for you.

What do I need to pick up my order?

Please have your Ready for Pickup email ready to show our store associates. They will need to confirm the order number to bring you your items.

How long will my Click & Collect order be held at the Workshop?

We will hold your Click & Collect order for 7 days. Please pick up your order within 7 days of receiving your Ready for Pickup email to avoid order cancellation.

Can I extend how long my order is held?

Yes! Our Bear Builders will be happy to give you extra time to pick up your order. Simply contact your local Workshop that is holding your pickup order to avoid order cancellation.

How will I know when my order is ready for pickup?

You will receive a Ready for Pickup email when your order is ready for you. Most orders are ready the next day. Your email will include all the information you need for Click & Collect.

What do I do when I arrive for Click & Collect?

Simply ask any Bear Builder for assistance when you get to the Workshop. Please have your Ready for Pickup email ready to show our store associates so they can confirm your order number and bring you your items.

Can I select certain items for Click & Collect and certain items for shipping in the same order?

We can only offer one method per order at this time. Please Click & Collect or a shipping option for all items in your order.

When will my credit card be charged?

A hold is placed on your credit card once you complete your order, but your card isn’t officially charged until your order is made and ready for pickup.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, please call your local Workshop to cancel your order. You can find the number for your local Workshop here. If you don’t call to cancel your order or don’t pick it up within 7 days of placing it, your order will be automatically canceled.

Can I add additional items to my Click & Collect order after my order has been placed?

Orders cannot be modified after being placed. However, you can always contact your local Workshop to check item availability in store. If available, certain items can be set aside to be purchased separately when you arrive at the Workshop to pick up your order.


What is Klarna?

Klarna is a company that partners with retailers all over the world to make it easy for shoppers to pay the way they’d like to.

What happens if I make a return?

If you need to return part or all of your order, Klarna will adjust your account balance. Simply follow our return instructions and then log into your Klarna account, select “report a return”, and Klarna will pause your statement. As soon as Build-A-Bear has processed your return, Klarna will send an adjusted invoice.

There's something wrong with my order. Do I still need to pay for it?

You do not need to pay for goods that are received damaged, broken, or defective. Follow Klarna’s dispute instructions and “report a problem” in your Klarna account to pause your statement until the issue is resolved. As soon as Build-A-Bear has registered your return, the refund will be processed within 5-7 business days.

I have not received my order. What happens to my Klarna statement?

Your first payment will be charged when your order has been shipped. If you have not yet received your order, please contact Build-A-Bear for a delivery update. Log into your Klarna account, and “report a problem” to pause your Klarna statement until you’ve received your order.

My Klarna statement is incorrect. What should I do?

If your Klarna statement does not match your order details, please contact Klarna directly to correct your statement. Log into your Klarna account and “report a problem” to pause your Klarna statement until the details have been corrected.

Don’t see your question here?

Check out Klarna’s full FAQ page. You can reach Klarna anytime at https://www.klarna.com/us/customer-service/ or by downloading the Klarna app.


When will my order arrive?

We’re working hard to get all orders processed and have everyone’s furry friends delivered to their home. Shipping carriers are also experiencing higher volume which can cause additional delays in deliveries. Thank you for your patience!

Can I change my order?

Because our Order Fulfillment and Shipping systems are designed to get your order on its way quickly and efficiently, we cannot change or cancel an order once it has entered the fulfillment process. You may return it for an exchange or a refund once you receive it subject to the terms of our Return Policy.

Why was my order cancelled?

Build-A-Bear reserves the right to cancel or modify orders at any time due to system or typographical errors , payment issues, or any other unforeseen problems.

What if I can’t find the product I’m looking for on the website?

Try using the site search feature in the upper-right corner of your screen. Simply enter a keyword (such as ‘Polar Bear’), the item number, or a brief description of the product you’re looking for. You’ll receive a results page displaying all the items that match your search criteria. You can then refine your search using the advanced search feature on the left side of the results page, and sort by product category (Stuffed Animals, Clothing), price range, color, collection and accessory type. Please also note, the product you are searching for may be out of stock or discontinued.

Can I find all the items shown on the website in my local Build-A-Bear Workshop store?

Some items are exclusive to our website, meaning you will find them only online. Also, some items are in-store exclusives, found only in Build-A-Bear Workshop stores.

What if I want to order a personalized record-your-voice message?

Record Your Voice messages must be recorded before your order will ship and you will receive an email once your order is placed with instructions on how to do so. If ordering more than 1 item and you would like a different message in each stuffed animal, please add 1 at a time to your cart. Recordings of copyrighted materials or profanity are not permitted. Recordings are reviewed and approved at the discretion of our Bear Builders. Personalized record-your-voice messages require 3 additional business days once the recording is received for processing and bear building time. It is not recommended if you require 2-Day Express or Next-Day delivery. For more information about, click here.

Why is there a purchase limit?

We want all of our Guests to share in the fun of Build-A-Bear products! So occasionally our stores and our website will place limits on the quantity of a specific product that a Guest or a household can buy. To identify an individual Guest or household, we consider these factors — including, but not limited to, whether the orders are:
• Purchased using the same credit card
• Purchased using the same email address
• Shipped to the same address
• Placed with the same billing address
• Purchased using the same phone number
• Placed from the same IP address or mobile device

How long will items stay in my online shopping cart?

Items will stay in the shopping cart for several hours until you either complete the order or remove the items for several hours. Please note: Product availability is not guaranteed until your order is complete.

Will the clothes fit all of my Build-A-Bear furry friends?

Most of our clothing fits furry friends that are 10” to 24”. However, Build-A-Bear Buddies™ clothing fits only Build-A-Bear Buddies.

Can I order a furry friend unstuffed?

There is an option to select ‘Unstuffed’ during your online shopping experience. Please note that not all of our furry friends may be ordered unstuffed.

What if I want to order an embroidered product?

We have many products that can be embroidered and several embroidery designs for each product to choose from! Please note: Embroidered items require 5 additional business days for processing and bear building time, and it is not recommended if you require 2-Day Express or Next-Day delivery. Embroidered items cannot be returned, and embroidery selections cannot be modified once your order is complete. Build-A-Bear reserves the right to refuse requests to embroider profanity; schools, sororities or fraternities; trademarked or licensed names; names of celebrities or professional sports players; or any content that we deem inappropriate, at our discretion.

What does ‘Limited Availability’ mean?

If you see ‘Limited Availability’ next to an item, this means the item is almost sold out. We cannot back-order the item because it is no longer available. Note that not all items are available at all Build-A-Bear Workshop locations or online. You can check on product availability with your area store.

What does ‘Out of Stock’ mean?

When you see ‘Out of Stock’ next to an item, it means the item is unavailable. Select another item, or check back later to see if the item is back in stock.

What methods of payment does Build-A-Bear accept?

You can pay for purchases using Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®, PayPal or a debit card. You also can redeem Build-A-Bear Workshop gift cards and any coupons we offer with the order. Rules and restrictions apply. Coupons and other promotions cannot be combined. All product prices and shipping charges shown are in US dollars. Canadian exchange rate may apply. Please note: Gift cards can only be used as a form of payment with orders containing furry friends, clothing and/or accessories. Gift cards are not accepted as a form of payment on gift card only purchases.

Can I apply Build-A-Bear Bonus Club Certificates and coupons to my online purchase?

Of course! You can redeem coupons, Build-A-Bear Workshop gift cards, and Build-A-Bear Bonus Club Reward Certificates online, just as you would in any of our store locations. Rules and restrictions apply. Coupons and other promotions cannot be combined.

What is a Credit Card Authorization?

When you place an order, Build-A-Bear contacts the bank that issued your credit card to confirm that the payment method is valid. Your bank reserves the funds until the transaction processes or the authorization expires, but this isn’t an actual charge. The authorization will be removed from your account according to your bank’s policies. To remove the authorization, please contact your bank to find out how long they hold authorizations for online orders.

Can I purchase a sound or scent without a furry friend?

Due to agreements with our shipping partners, sounds and scents cannot be purchased separately from furry friends. If you order your furry friend to arrive stuffed, ALL sounds or scents added to your Shopping Bag will be placed inside the furry friend. If you are planning to add the sound or scent on a future visit to your local Workshop, simply click the "Unstuffed, I'll Stuff It In Store" option to add the unstuffed furry friend, sound and/or scent to your Shopping Bag through the Bear Builder.


How do I create an online account with Build-A-Bear?

First, visit us at www.buildabear.com. Then just click on ‘My Account,’ and follow the prompts to create your account. It’s simple! Or, create your account now.

How do I manage my account?

All the information in your account can easily be managed by clicking ‘My Account’. After you log in, you will be able to update any information you like, including shipping address, password changes, billing address and more.

What if I forgot my account password?

If you forgot your password, we’ll send an email to the address you provided when you created your account with Build-A-Bear. Once you select ‘Email New Password,’ we’ll send an email with a new password to sign in with. If you do not receive an email please try requesting a new password again or please check your spam or junk email folders used with your email service—it might have gotten caught in a filter. (These filters occasionally move the password email from your inbox to a junk filter, or they may block it completely.) If you feel your new password email is being moved or blocked, simply add the email address guest.services@buildabear.com to your safe senders list and try again.

I remember my password, but the website will not accept it. What can I do?

If you enter your login information, including the password (our passwords are case sensitive) incorrectly five times, your account is automatically locked to protect your information. Please wait five minutes and try to log in again. If you still cannot log in, try the ‘I Forgot My Password’ link. Or email us at guest.services@buildabear.com.

Will Build-A-Bear share my email address or information?

We respect your privacy, and do not share your information with any unrelated third parties for their marketing purposes. For more information, please review our Privacy Policy.

How can I check my Gift Card balance?

You can check your Build-A-Bear Workshop gift card balance any time! Simply click here. You will need to have a Build-A-Bear account to take this action. If you do not have an account with us, please create a Build-A-Bear account.


For any question regarding shipping and tracking orders, click here.

When will my order arrive?

We’re working hard to get all orders processed and have everyone’s furry friends delivered to their home. However, due to increased demand and our goal to follow guidelines outlined by healthcare experts and government officials, it may take additional time to process your order. Please allow up to 3 business days for order processing and bear building. Thank you for your patience!


Can I check the status of an order?

Absolutely, and at any time. Simply click here. From there either log in or, if you are not a registered user, complete the Check Order form, and you will find the order summary and detailed information.

How will my order arrive?

Depending on the item you purchased it will arrive in a branded Build-A-Bear Workshop shipping box or polybag.

How do I return an item?

If you decide to return any items in your order for any reason, simply return your purchase at your area Build-A-Bear Workshop store. Or, follow the instructions on the invoice.


How do I return an item?

If you decide to return any items in your order for any reason, simply return your purchase at your area Build-A-Bear Workshop store. Or, follow the instructions on the invoice.

How do refunds work?

A refund is available with the original proof of purchase from Build-A-Bear Workshop. A refund or credit will be issued for the purchase price, current list price, or prorated price, depending on the item(s) returned. Merchandise purchased directly from www.buildabear.com, a Build-A-Bear Workshop retail store in the US, or by phone through our Guest Service Department may be returned to the Build-A-Bear Workshop Returns Department or to any US Build-A-Bear Workshop retail store, within 90 days of purchase. If you do not have an original proof of purchase, we will exchange or provide merchandise credit for any returned product at our discretion. Please note that shipping fees are non-refundable.

For more information about Build-A-Bear returns, please see our Return Policy.