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Build-A-Party FAQ

Build-A-Party Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for a party that’s fun, entertaining and reasonably priced? Look at Build-A-Party by Build-A-Bear Workshop! Children of all ages love Build-A-Bear parties because they’re empowered to create their own furry friends while enjoying the company of their human friends. There are so many reasons to celebrate with Build-A-Party. In addition to birthday parties, we host office team outings, Scout/Brownie groups, school groups and more.

It’s truly a celebration like no other. A Party Leader will guide your Guests through our Workshop, and clean up after they leave — so you don’t have to! It’s no-mess, no-stress fun! And we have packages to fit every budget. For as little as £15 per person, each Guest will experience all the magic of Build-A-Bear — while making their own full-sized furry friend to take home and love!

[Q] What kinds of occasions are right for a Build-A-Party celebration?
[A] If you have a reason to celebrate, a Build-A-Party event is right for you! Our parties are tailored for children of all ages, whether you’re planning a team outing, an event to benefit a local charity or a birthday party for the Best. Kid. Ever.

[Q] What happens at a Build-A-Party celebration?
[A] At a scheduled party, each Guest makes their own furry friend! A party leader guides them through each step of the fun-filled bear-making experience. Then, if you choose, your Guests can personalise their new furry friends with their choice of hundreds of outfits and accessories like shoes, sunglasses and hats — they can even add a sound! Your Guests will enjoy special games that are only available through this one-of-a-kind, hands-on experience. At the end of the party, your Guests will walk out hand-in-paw with their new furry friend and special memories of an amazing experience. Please note: Each Build-A-Party has a 5-Guest minimum.

[Q] What is included in a Build-A-Party celebration?
[A] For each celebration, Build-A-Bear Workshop will provide:

  • Fun for every Guest
  • A furry friend for each Guest to make and take home
  • A Party Leader to guide the adventure (5 or more Guests)
  • Party games and fun-filled activities
  • Bear ear paper party hats
  • A fun photo opportunity with props just for parties
  • Food court reservations (available at select locations only)
  • Just for the Birthday Guest-of-Honour: A plush, light-up cupcake keepsake

[Q] How much does a Build-A-Party cost?
[A] That depends on the party package that’s right for your occasion! Prices for a Build-A-Party start at £17 per Guest. Here are the party packages you can choose from:

Starting at £12.50 per Guest
You set your own budget, and select any furry friend for your Guests. You also can add clothing and accessories. Our Party Leader will help you stay right on budget!

£17 per Guest
Furry friend up to £12.50
+ 1 tee for each furry friend

£21 per Guest
Furry friend up to £15
+ 1 clothing item for each furry friend

£28 per Guest
Furry friend up to £22
+ 1 clothing item for each furry friend
+ 1 drawstring backpack

£37 per Guest
Furry friend up to £29
+ 1 clothing item for each furry friend
+ 1 drawstring backpack
+ 1 footwear item
+ 1 sound

[Q] Can I schedule a party at a Build-A-Bear Workshop OutletTM?
[A] Our Outlet locations now offer the same great party packages as our other stores. A registered party of 5 or more Guests will include a Party Leader to guide the fun and keep your party on budget. You can still choose the Make-Your-Own Party package starting at £12.50 per Guest. Please note: Clearance items are not included in the party packages.

[Q] How do I schedule a party?
[A] It’s simple! You can book your party online, in-store or by phone. Just check out our online Party Booking Tool, visit your local Build-A-Bear Workshop, or call a Party Planner freephone at 0800 524 0635. If you’re not sure where Build-A-Bear Workshop is in your area, please visit our Store Locator.

You’ll want to have the following information ready:

  • Your contact name, address and phone number
  • The Guest of Honour’s name and age (for birthday parties)
  • Your preferred party date, time and location (plus an alternate date and time)
  • The number of Guests you’re inviting
  • Your budget for price-per-Guest
  • A deposit to reserve your party date. You may use a credit card to book online, in-store or by phone. You may also use cash in-store. Once you’ve booked your party, you can use your confirmation number to make changes online up to 2 weeks before your party date. For additional changes, please call a Party Planner freephone at 0800 542 0635

[Q] Do I need to make a deposit to book a party?
[A] We do require a deposit to reserve your party date. Your deposit will be applied to the total cost on the day of your party. We accept credit cards for booking online, in-store or by phone. If you need to, you may cancel your party for any reason.

[Q] How many Guests do I need to invite?
[A] You will need to invite 5 or more Guests to schedule a Build-A-Party. If you would like to schedule a party with more than 19 Guests, please call a Bear Service Representative freephone at 0800 542 0635 and we will make special arrangements.

[Q] How long will my party last?
[A] Parties usually last from 1 to 1 ½ hours, but this is just an estimate. The length of your party will depend on the number and age of your Guests, and any additional activity going on in the Build-A-Bear Workshop at the time of your party.

[Q] May I bring presents for my child to open during the party?
[A] Build-A-Bear Workshop does not allow opening of presents in our stores.

[Q] Should I, or another supervising adult, attend my child’s party?
[A] An adult must be present at every Build-A-Bear Workshop party. We also ask that a parent be present to accompany each child 3 years of age or younger. It isn’t necessary for all parents of children above the age of 3 to attend your party.

[Q] May I bring food or drinks to the party?
[A] We are not licensed to serve food or beverages in our stores, so Guests will not be able to bring in outside food or drinks. In some Build-A-Bear Workshop locations, shopping centre l food partners may be available to offer a discount to your group, so you can enjoy a meal or snack before or after your party. Please visit our Store Locator to find a Build-A-Bear Workshop near you. Then call the shopping centre food partners to find out if they can accommodate your group.

[Q] May I bring a clown, mime, fortune teller, or similar entertainment to my Build-A-Party celebration?
[A] As a one-of-a-kind Build-A-Party experience, your party will be super-stuffed with games, activities and each Guest making their own furry friend! Additional entertainment is not allowed.

[Q] Will I get a reminder before my party date?
[A] Yes, we’ll send an email reminder before your big day, which will include the time, date and location. It also will include instructions about how you can make your Build-A-Party even more special! If you have additional questions, please contact the Build-A-Bear Workshop at which you booked your party.

Questions? Please call a Build-A-Party Party Planner freephone at 0800 542 0635, or contact your local Build-A-Bear Workshop.

Earn Points for Your Party! Your party purchase can earn points if you’re a Build-A-Bear Bonus Club member. Find out how!