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Farm Animal Soft Toys & Zoo Animal Soft Toys

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What’s your favourite animal? If it’s one that goes “oink” or one that goes “rawr!” or any noise in between, Build-A-Bear Workshop has it for you in our zoo animal soft toys and farm animal soft toys collection. Our specialty may be teddy bears, but we have a huge assortment of stuffed farm animal toys and zoo animal soft toys that are just as cute and ready for snuggles! From unique zoo animals like red pandas and gorillas to plush farm animals like lambs, cows, and pigs, there’s something for every animal lover at Build-A-Bear Workshop! Get the perfect pre-made farm and zoo animal soft toy or personalise a soft toy with clothing, sounds, accessories, recordable voice messages, and more! Shop the Build-A-Bear zoo and farm animal soft toys collection now. ... [read more]