Corporate Gift Plushes | Interesting Corporate Gifts at Build-A-Bear®

Whether you are looking for trade show giveaways, gifts for client appreciation, employee milestones or off-site events, let Build-A-Bear help! Our furry friends can be customised to your needs with themed clothing, accessories and even your logo. Or consider hosting an off-site event for fun or charity. We offer a dedicated account manager and exclusive designs to service your corporate needs — large and small — and an interactive experience that everyone will remember!

Let Build-A-Bear help your company with:

  • Client Appreciation and Holiday Gifts
  • Employee Recognition Gifts and Incentives
  • Trade Show Giveaways
  • Donor Rewards
  • Themed Products for Customer Sale
  • Interactive Employee Off-site Events

Make It Uniquely Yours: Build a Custom Furry Friend

We will guide the creation of a furry friend just for your company or organisation. It can be a plush version of your mascot or a furry friend curated from our online product assortment that is customised with your company logo. For added personalisation, we can create tailor-made clothing and accessories including logo’d hoodies or custom tees. The possibilities are endless!

A few things we need before we get started:

  • Your target budget
  • A minimum order of 2,400 to 3,600 units for furry friends or clothing
  • Please allow 5-6 months for development, production and delivery

Custom Tiny Tees®

Add a custom Tiny Tee to any furry friend. It’s simple! Just supply your artwork. You can order as few as 100 custom tees or as many as you want for your program. Please allow 5-6 weeks for development and production.


Employee Engagement and Team Building

Vanila Cub BearHow do you make your next corporate event more memorable? Let your employees and other attendees add a little more Heart Illustration to your next planned get-together by adding Build-A-Bear to the agenda. In one of our stores, or at a location of your choice, we can deliver corporate party experiences for team building, community service, convention activities or philanthropic programs. Exclusive company-themed products can be developed for your event.

Associates from local Build-A-Bear Workshop stores can also attend your event to deliver a personalised brand experience and tailor the event to your company’s needs and purpose. L’il cubs, which are available in three colors, are a popular choice for off-site parties. Add a custom tiny tee to promote your event or company.

Examples of what a product would cost include:

100-299 Cubs = £10.20 each (with 15% discount)*
300-499 Cubs = £9.60 each (with 20% discount)*
500-700 Cubs = £8.40 each (with 30% discount)*
Custom Tiny Tees® = £5-£6 each (depending on design and number of colors)
Stuffing = £34 per box (fills 140 furry friends)
Bear-Builder Associates = £25 per hour, plus expenses

* Excludes shipping and taxes (as a guideline, shipping from our warehouse averages approximately £0.46 per furry friend)

Interested? Please contact at least four weeks before your event. Build-A-Bear will provide a dedicated account manager, organise our staff, and oversee the production of tiny tees to ensure your event is a great success!