Bearlieve Teddy Bear


18+, T&C apply, Credit subject to status.

Bearlieve Bear is the most magical way to play! Meet the first-ever Build-A-Bear that “comes to life” with your touch and voice. This classic brown teddy bear responds to your voice by opening its eyes, speaking and wiggling its ears. Here’s how it works:

    • Press the red heart on the bear’s paw to wake it up.
    • Bearlieve Bear will respond to the sound of your voice when it’s awake!
    • When you’re done playing, simply press the paw again and your bear will fall back asleep.

This one-of-a-kind teddy bear adds an interactive element to playtime. You can even personalize Bearlieve Bear with the outfits and accessories of your choice to make a truly magical gift!

Bearlieve Bear Full Instructions:

    • When battery pack is switched to ON: bear’s eyes will close.

Wake Up Mode

    •  To wake up the bear, press the red heart on the paw for 3 seconds.

Play Mode

    • Once the bear is awake, it is in Play Mode and will respond to a voice.
    • If no one speaks to the bear for 60 seconds, the bear will go to sleep and no longer react to a voice.
    • Once the bear is asleep, the red heart on the paw will need to be pressed for 3 seconds to put the bear back into Play Mode.
    • If the paw is not pressed to reactivate Play Mode after an additional 30 seconds, the bear will go into Power Saving Mode – eyes will be open in Power Saving Mode.
    • To reactivate the bear from Power Saving Mode, press the red heart on the paw for 3 seconds to bring it back to Wake Up Mode.

Sleep Mode

    • At any time in Play Mode, Sleep Mode can be activated by pressing the red heart on the paw for 3 seconds. The bear is not voice responsive in Sleep Mode.
    • To reactivate the bear, please follow the Wake Up Mode and Play Mode instructions.
    • When battery pack is switched to OFF: bear’s eyes will open. The bear’s eyes will open when the switch is turned to OFF no matter which mode the bear is in.

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Product Name:
Bearlieve Teddy Bear
Medium Brown
Additional Information:
Eye Color: BLACK
Friend Height: 41

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Your furry friend arrives in a cardboard shipping box.

Cub Condo A Build-A-Bear classic! Your furry friend will arrive with a birth certificate and their own Cub Condo.
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