Let a Child Inspire You!

Build-A-Bear Workshop was born from an idea founder, Maxine Clark and her friend Katie - who was 10 years old at the time - had when they were out shopping for stuffed toys. When they couldn't find the stuffed toy Katie wanted, she said, "These are so easy, we could make them." She meant do a craft project, but what Maxine heard was so much bigger.

Maxine looked around to see if she could buy a business, like a factory that made stuffed animals and make it even more successful. She found a few that made stuffed animals, but no one wanted to sell. Katie thought they should just do it and so they did.

Every adult said it would never work "why would anyone ever want to make their own stuffed animal?" But every kid said "Where is it?" and "When can I do it?"

The first store opened in 1997 at the Saint Louis Galleria in St. Louis, Missouri. Today there are over 400 stores worldwide and over 125 million furry friends adventuring around the globe.

One 10 year old girl was the inspiration for this entire company! Think of the difference you can make!