Looking for a child's party that's fun, entertaining, and reasonably priced? Look right here! Kids love Build-A-Bear parties because they're empowered to make their very own furry friends, while talking and laughing with their human friends. Parents appreciate our Party Leaders, who guide Guests through our Workshop and let you relax (or make your own bear!) For as little as 11 per Guest, each child will experience all the magic of the Build-A-Bear, while making their own full-sized furry friend to take home. Spend a bit more to offer outfits and accessories so that your Guests can personalise their new furry friends. Best of all, our Party Leaders clean up after the Guests leave, so you don't have to. No mess, no stress, lots of fun!

There are so many reasons to celebrate with Build-A-Bear. In addition to birthday parties, we host Scout troops, school groups, family reunions… any group with 5 or more stuffed animal lovers.

Here's what's included in a cele-bear-ation:

  • A 1-1½ hour long party
  • A party leader to guide the Guests
  • A full-sized bear for every Guest
  • Accessories and outfits (optional)
  • A group photo
  • Printable invitations and thank you cards

For more information about our parties, contact your local Build-A-Bear Workshop store or call 0800 5420 635.

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