Welcome Parents

Parents know how important playtime is to child development. It’s also a perfect opportunity to connect with children in a lasting and meaningful way. That’s why each month, we’ll offer up new inspiration, articles and activities to support parents while making the most of every playful moment.

Growing Through Play

Playtime is fun, and it’s also an essential part of child development. Activities like make-believe help develop creativity, but they can also have an impact on self-confidence and other essential skills like writing. Read Our Articles

Making Moments

Busy schedules don’t always allow for extra time. Playtime can still be a priority by making the most of the time we already have. For children, it’s often the small everyday moments that leave the biggest impression. Read Our Articles

Unleashing Playtime

Can you see the playtime potential in a cardboard box or a pile of popsicle sticks? Unlock your own imagination with planning tips and inspiration for activities kids and parents both can enjoy. Read Our Articles


Little boy climbing a tree.

Kid-Friendly Haunted House Ideas and Exploration Activities

Need a few haunted house ideas to try with your kids at home? Try these spooky kid-friendly activities this Halloween...Read More

Inspiring Activities for Kids

Inspiring Activities for Kids

Imaginations can run wild with all of the videos, games and fun-to-do activities featuring kids’ favorite bear... Go play

Once Upon A Time..

Once Upon A Time...

Imagination and the spirit of possibility are the heart of the Build-A-Bear story... Read More